...Laura Laforce is a renowned psychic medium, author and TV personality.  Since childhood, she has shocked people with her uncanny predictions...
   “At four years old, I could astral travel through the walls at night. While awake, I was clumsy and uncoordinated, constantly walking into things, almost as if my physical body didn’t have boundaries. Around eight years old, I could see both good and bad future events, including the death of my best friend… I never understood what I was dealing with until much later. Many times, I wanted this weirdness to stop. I even tried to shut it down. My gift went unrecognized until I was almost an adult…I struggled with my gift for many years"
...Laura accurately predicted 4 years in advance the world recession that began in 2009, natural disasters and wars
...Laura had a premonition so exact, that on May 02, 2011 Laura alerted law enforcement in Washington D.C to an impending Terrorist attack (as mentioned in a TV interview by CTV news May 16, 2011- video listed below). She provided Police with locations and what was going to be used for the attack and after collective law enforcement investigation, arrests were made in October, 2011. The individuals involved were plotting to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador of Washington as reported by CNN on Oct.11-2011
...As a Medium she sees and communicates with the dead, angels and Spirit Guides
...She predicts pregnancies before conception
...Laura has helped guide thousands to better lives via her gift
   "Today I work as an intuitive, clairvoyant and psychic medium helping people & also helping others develop their abilities through consultations and workshops"